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Monday 21 April, 2014

Boston Marathon Tribute WoD

Boston Marathon Tribute WoD












Last Year CFCVI Paid Tribute to the Fallen and Injured Victims
Of the 2013 Boston Marathon. This year we do the same.


“Boston Marathon Tribute” WoD

1 Round for Time

117 Air Squats (partitioned) – 117th Boston Marathon

29 Pull Ups – Krystle Campbell, 29

26 Dead Lifts – Sean Collier, 26

23 Clean & Jerks – Lu Lingzi, 23

8 x 3 Burpees – Martin Richard, 8

1 Mile Run – For all the running LAw Enforcement did that 1 day

Athlete (a) – DL 185/135 CJ 135/95
Elite (e) – DL 225/155 CJ 155/95
Competitor (c) – DL 315/185 CJ 155/95

Please use the above guidelines.
Coaches will enforce. No exceptions.

Saturday 19 April, 2014

“Hang On Tight”

In teams of 2

1 Athlete Works

1 Athlete Holds a KB 55/35 – Switch as needed

If KB Drops 15 Burpee Penalty

50 Reps at each station

Over Head Squat 75/55


SDLHP 75/65

OH Lunges 45/25

Row For Calories


Slamball 40/30/20

Deadlift 225/125



Friday 17 April, 2014

Bench Press
Find 1 RM

a) 5 Min AMRAP
8 Close Hand Push-up
10 K2E

rest 1 min

b) 5 Min AMRAP
Max Calorie Row

Rest 1 Min

c) 5 Min AMRAP
Bupree Box Jump Over
Athlete will complete a burpee, do a box jump land on box
come down on the other side and repeat
It’s not a litteral jump over box

Score Each AMRAP



Location: 2201 N. Andrews Ave. Ext. Pompano Beach, FL

Contact Us: 954-972-4284


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